List of reporters for ITV News

Updated: 2015-01-16T02:30Z

This is a small selection of journalists currently employed by ITN for ITV News.


  • Reporters from regional ITV News services (as well as from STV and UTV) and Good Morning Britain appear on national news bulletins (in particular, the ITV News at 1:30) in the absence of any ITN correspondent or reporter.
  • National Correspondents occasionally report from out-with their main coverage area.
  • In addition, NBC News correspondents are often featured on the aforementioned programme to provide analysis and details of any breaking international stories.

International correspondents

ReporterTitle(s)Related notes
John IrvineSenior International Correspondent
James MatesEurope EditorNewscaster
Rageh OmaarInternational Affairs Editor
Geraint VincentMiddle East Correspondent
Lucy WatsonChina Correspondent/
Asia Correspondent

National correspondents

ReporterTitle(s)Related notes
Debi EdwardScotland Correspondent
Martin GeisslerScotland/North of England Correspondent
Marc MallettNorthern Ireland CorrespondentUtilised with UTV Live

Political correspondents

ReporterTitle(s)Related notes
Tom BradbyPolitical Editor
Chris ShipDeputy Political EditoNewscaster
Romilly WeeksPolitical CorrespondentNewscaster

Specialist correspondents

ReporterTitle(s)Related notes
Penny MarshallSocial Affairs Editor

Sports correspondents

ReporterTitle(s)Related notes
Steve ScottSports EditorNewscaster
Ian PayneSports CorrespondentFreelance contract

News correspondents

ReporterTitle(s)Related notes
Nina NannarNews Correspondent
Dan Rivers
Sue SavilleFreelance contract


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