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List of reporters for ITV News

This is a list of journalists currently employed by ITN for ITV News.



  • Reporters from regional ITV News services (as well as from STV and UTV) and Daybreak appear on national news bulletins (in particular, the ITV News at 1:30) in the absence of any ITN correspondent or reporter.
  • National Correspondents occasionally report from out-with their main coverage area.
  • In addition, NBC News correspondents are often featured on the aforementioned programme to provide analysis and details of any breaking international stories.

International correspondents

Reporter Title(s) Related notes
John Irvine Senior International Correspondent[1]
Rohit Kachroo Africa Correspondent[2]
James Mates Europe Editor[3] Newscaster
Robert Moore Washington Correspondent/
US Correspondent[4]
Emma Murphy Europe Correspondent[5]
Rageh Omaar International Affairs Editor[6] Newscaster
Nick Ravenscroft Brazil Correspondent[7]
Geraint Vincent Middle East Correspondent[8]
Lucy Watson China Correspondent/
Asia Correspondent[9]

National correspondents

Reporter Title(s) Related notes
Juliet Bremner UK Correspondent
Debi Edward Scotland Correspondent[10]
Rupert Evelyn Midlands Correspondent Freelance contract
Martin Geissler North of England Correspondent[11]
Damon Green
Marc Mallett Northern Ireland Correspondent Utilised with UTV Live
Lucy Manning UK Editor[12]
Dan Rivers Wales Correspondent/
West of England Correspondent[13]
Lewis Vaughan-Jones Midlands Correspondent

Political correspondents

Reporter Title(s) Related notes
Tom Bradby Political Editor[14]
Carl Dinnen Political Correspondent[15]
Chris Ship Deputy Political Editor[16] Newscaster
Claire Stewart Political Correspondent Utilised with STV News
Romilly Weeks Political Correspondent[17] Newscaster
Libby Wiener Political Correspondent[18]

Specialist correspondents

Reporter Title(s) Related notes
Chris Choi Consumer Editor[19]
Richard Edgar Economics Editor[20]
Tim Ewart Royal Correspondent[21]
Joel Hills Business Editor[22]
Penny Marshall Social Affairs Editor[23] Leaves 2014[24]
Lawrence McGinty Science Editor/
Medical Editor[25]
Retires 2014[26]
John Ray Diplomatic Correspondent[27]
Catherine Jones Health Editor Begins May 2014[28]
Alok Jha Science Correspondent Begins Sept. 2014[29]

Sports correspondents

Reporter Title(s) Related notes
Steve Scott Sports Editor[30] Newscaster
Ian Payne Sports Correspondent[31] Freelance contract

News correspondents

Reporter Title(s) Related notes
Sally Biddulph News Correspondent
Ben Chapman
Neil Connery
Paul Davies
Martha Fairlie
Sejal Karia
Nina Nannar
Sue Saville Freelance contract
Richard Pallot Newscaster


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