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K38HE is a low-power religious television station on analog channel 38 in West Plains, Missouri. It covers parts of southern Missouri and north-central Arkansas. It is also seen on Cobridge Communications (channel 19) in West Plains and in Thayer, Missouri and Mammoth Spring, Arkansas (channel 98), and on Rapid Cable (channel 9) in Alton, Missouri.

It carries local programing from 4PM until 10PM and TV network programing at all other times from TCT or WHT including all day on Sundays. Operations are supported by donations from loyal viewers.

In 2009, a severe thunderstorm late on the evening of July 11 seriously damaged the new Script error radio tower at its new TV studio, which holds the microwave-band dish antenna for the studio/transmitter link. In use for less than two weeks, it was made necessary because of a move in the studio location further away from the TV transmitter site, making the cost of leasing a much longer fiber-optic line than before prohibitive.

K38HE went off the air couple of times after a transmitter tube broke in the transmitter and returned to the air on October 9th,2009. However,this was short lived,On Monday night September 21, 2009 K38HE went off the air after a tube broke in the transmitter. This station has returned to the air on Monday night October 19, 2009. K38HE went off the air after a rebuilt tube broke in the transmitter. K38HE has replaced the transmitter with a new tube and returned to the air Friday night October 23, 2009.

Technical problems

Since the move to the new studio, K38HE's picture and sound sometimes pixelates and weird audio sounds are heard multiple times an hour or freeze up completely at times. This has been witnessed by viewers. On Channel 38 they said the case of this was because they're still trying to get their new microwave link set up correctly and all the bugs out. This problem has never been completely fixed. Its still an ongoing problem.

Local programing

  • Community Calendar - 4:00 PM - A program that tells whats going on around southern Missouri and north-central Arkansas.
  • General Store - After Community Calendar - Viewers can call in and buy items that are being shown for sale. All sales help support the station.
  • Inside Channel 38 - Monday nights at 8:00 PM - A program that lets you know whats going on behind the scenes at channel 38 television.
  • Yours For a Song with Dan Duncan
  • Pat and Thurman Ward - Saturdays 5:00 PM
  • The Way Of Calvary with David Dunigan - Thursdays 8:30 PM
  • Arnold Wade
  • Arnold Kipfer - Tuesdays 5:00 PM
  • Brenda Mantooth
  • For Such a Time As This with Sarah George
  • T. D. Jakes
  • Bill & Marie Whiteside
  • The Romans Family
  • The Vonallmens
  • In Him with Terry Snelling

Digital television

K38HE must be digital by September 1, 2015 to continue broadcasting.

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