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Environmental impact of irrigation

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Environmental impact of irrigation News

  • US protection sought for scenic California region rss feed - 15 mins ago
    A contingent of California environmental groups, businesses and politicians will use a visit from Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Friday to push for permanent protection of some 550 square miles... more
  • Photos: Meet the US Navy's drone shark

    iTnews - 19 mins ago
    'GhostSwimmer' robot to be used for environmental data collection and surveillance. more
  • Dark side of falling crude prices: Dallas Fed says Texas could lose...

    Houston Business News - Local... - 27 mins ago
    While consumers cheer $1.99 gasoline prices, there could be a real negative impact to Texas because of tumbling crude oil prices. Falling crude oil prices could cost Texas up to 125,000 jobs by... more


  • The Environmental impacts of irrigation relate to the changes in quantity and quality of soil and water as a result of irrigation and the effects on... more
  • water availability indicator show the discharge of the river basin divided by the population of this basin). Environmental impacts of irrigation The... more
  • change then carbon dioxide. See also Akosombo Dam Fish barrier Fish ladder Environmental impact of irrigation References External links Rivers No The... more

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